Stumped on Wedding Favors? Personalize Them with Nemat International’s Fragrance Oils

As someone who has been a part of a lot of weddings, both as a Make-Up Artist and as a friend, I have seen a wide variety of wedding favors. And, while they are always thoughtful, I have never seen something quite as beautifully simple and unique as Nemat International’s fragrance oil.

When people peruse the department store aisles for a fragrance, they aren’t just searching for a smell; they are searching for a feeling. Scent is something that resonates with people, which is why, when the one is found, it’s as if the heavens open and all is right with the world. That is how I felt when I opened my bottle of Amber Oil.

Why Nemat Oils are Different

The oil has an extremely light, but slightly rich and elegant scent, and I needed no more than a drop or two to last me most of the day. The fragrance is concentrated but not overpowering and does not enter a room before I do. Conversely, it stayed close to me throughout the day, but far enough to reach my husband as he passed by and said, “Ooh, you smell nice.” Though there are over 150 perfume and attar blends to choose from, this compliment might be the reason why Amber Oil is one of Nemat International’s most popular oils.

Chances are, at any wedding there will be guests that may be sensitive to fragrance, Nemat International’s attars and oils are alcohol free. My very close friend (and die hard perfume fan) plagued with very sensitive skin agreed to sample a bit to see if she had a reaction. Not only did she love the product but she experienced no irritation. I myself dabbed a drop of the oil on my super dry hands and, although it is not advertised as a moisturizer, I found that it left them soft and hydrated.

While I enjoyed the Amber Oil, I also tried their Himalayan Musk, which was nice, but more unisex in my opinion and would be a great option for the gentlemen attending a wedding. But, as I said, they have over 150 options to choose from.

Nemat International Makes Personalizing Easy

A great thing about Nemat International is not only the quality of their product, but the wide selection of bottles, atomizers, and other unique packaging available. They can create custom label containers, and glass bottles can be etched with names, dates or personal messages making wedding party favors truly unique. Guests will walk away with a bottle that is remarkably special, and a scent that will be reminiscent of the happy occasion.

Prices vary from scent to scent, starting from around $14 per 4oz. / 125gm bottle of fragrance oil. Specialized packaging is sold separately. Nemat International also offers massage oils, candles, and lotions just to name a few. They also have a reputation for excellent customer service which is always a plus.

I would recommend Nemat International’s fragrance oils because they are not your average favor. Instead, wedding guests receive something unexpected, personal, and truly special.

For more information about Nemat International visit their website at

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