(San Jose, COSTA RICA, May 21, 2012) – The Costa Rica Tourism Board is proud to announce that Costa Rica was recently recognized as the top wedding destination in Latin America by The Knot Market Intelligence: 2012 Destination Weddings Study. The study revealed that, as far as Latin America goes, one out of every four destination weddings takes place in Costa Rica. This represents 36 percent of the 2,757 qualified respondents that were polled by The Knot.

“Costa Rica’s exotic locales, romantic atmosphere and favorable climate are only a few of the reasons why more and more couple’s are finding themselves saying ‘I Do’ in Costa Rica. What truly distinguishes Costa Rica from other wedding destinations is its unique blend of natural atmospheres with premium luxury services, which allow couples to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying high-quality offerings and amenities,” commented Ireth Rodriguez, deputy manager and marketing director for the Costa Rica Tourism Board. “We’re excited to be recognized by The Knot, and we look forward to seeing even more couples celebrate their special day in Costa Rica,” she continued.

Environmentally conscientious couples can rest assured that Costa Rica’s diverse offerings are considered sustainable and “green,” thanks to the country’s highly successful Certificate for Sustainable Tourism program. Through this program, couples marrying in Costa Rica can consult the government’s rating system to verify that the hotels, tour companies, car rental companies and restaurants they choose operate sustainably. Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental protection makes it the perfect destination for an eco-chic wedding.

While sustainable weddings are a recent trend, Costa Rica has been an extremely popular wedding destination for many years. The country’s natural beauty offers the ideal backdrop for a relaxing and romantic event, while the breadth of outdoor adventure gives new couples and their guests the perfect opportunity to share a thrilling adrenaline rush.

Celebrating a marriage must be memorable and personal. With such a variety of unique and breathtaking experiences to offer, the magic of Costa Rica remains with all who visit.




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