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Using a Wedding Coordinator

The first time we used a wedding coordinator was in Dubrovnik. All we did was show up on time and everything else went perfectly. Whether you get married at home of abroad, using a great wedding coordinator may take all the hassles of the logistics of getting married out of your life and may help you day be that much more memorable. I highly recommend our wedding coordinator. Here is a list of the wedding coordinators we have used while getting married internationally and some of their words of advice for the perfect destination wedding.

Our Great Wedding Coordinator in Dubrovnik

LidijaWhy is getting married in Dubrovnik special?
Because of the special atmosphere the city offers, beautiful historical venues and friendly people. Once you marry in Dubrovnik you will have photos and videos, which you can not have in an other place.

What are the best places to get married in Dubrovnik?
Churches (for Catholic people) or Sponza Palace, the City Walls, Lokrum Island, and Park Orsula. There are several possibilities. Just make a wish.

Are there any special customs for a traditional wedding in Dubrovnik, or Croatia?
In different Croatian regions customs are different, but basically the traditional Croatian Wedding is a church wedding. Before the ceremony, it is a custom that the groom goes to the bride’s home to get her, then together they are go to the church. The groom is always accompanied by huge party with musicians playing traditional instruments. Everybody is singing. After the ceremony, the whole party goes to the a restaurant where everyone parties and sings the night away.

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