Elite Therapeutics is a phenomenal line of skincare that offers the perfect travel size set for newlyweds. When jet-setting for a destination wedding or honeymoon, couples can use these mini unisex products in a convenient little pouch to moisturize and treat sun damage, dry lips, and even smell great with a tiny deodorant!

The Collection Contains:

Elite Premier Crème: An anti-aging facial moisturizer that repairs skin damage such as sunburns and irritation. The Premier Crème was fast absorbing and provided a great base for makeup. My skin felt smooth and hydrated and my redness was less apparent. This was my favorite product because it didn’t make me break out and would be great for guys as it doesn’t leave a greasy texture. It’s also nice to have something for sunburns on hand for couples traveling to a tropical setting.

Elite Crème: A moisturizer that may be used on the face and body. This luxurious crème absorbed quickly into my skin and was very hydrating. It also treats sunburns and skin irritations.

Elite Body Wash: A much better alternative to most hotel toiletries. Had a refreshing scent and didn’t leave my skin with that dry, squeaky feeling.

Elite Deodorant: Has a refreshing herbal scent and is aluminum chloride free. This one may not be recommended for those who love their antiperspirant but it smells great and even improved the condition of my underarms. Do not forget to shake before use in order to get all the benefits of this product.

Elite Lip Balm: Truly a treat for the lips. This balm absorbs quickly and works in a similar manner to facial serums. I expected it to be more like a thick salve rather than a liquid, but it works well to repair damage from the elements as well as typical lip dryness and chapping. Once I was used to the thinner consistency I noticed that the condition of my lips had improved.

Collection Price, Packaging Thoughts and Good News for People who Hate Parabens

All products are paraben, fragrance, and cruelty-free and are formulated for all skin types. The collection sells for $65 which is a great price in my opinion for the great quality that you get. I was very impressed by all the products and thought they were a great way to take some of the guess work out of what to pack. The packaging is also nice for both men and women as it looks more clinical than feminine and frilly. For more information on the

Elite Therapeutics Professional Strength Vitamin E Collection visit www.elitetherapeutics.com.

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