When a Man Buys a Ring

I remember going to an outdoor swap meet near my home in Los Angeles. It was dawn and I went searching for who-knows-what in the dark with a flashlight. I supposed I was yearning for the thrill of the hunt. While I walked from isle to isle my girlfriend slept bundled under the covers at home. She had no interest in the hunt or waking up in the dark to wander around.

I Know Nothing about Rings

Personally, I am not someone who wears jewelry, so the desire to stop and browse made little sense, but I did it anyway. I walked up to the card table covered in an array of odd jewelry. I smiled at the lady drinking coffee and looked down at the jewelry again. That’s when I saw it. It appeared brass or copper ring with turquoise enamel on the inside of the band and white flowers on a maroon background on the outside of the ring. I knew at once this would be the engagement ring I would eventually give to my slumbering girlfriend. The ring spoke to me. As I picked it up I knew I needed to marry her.

I bought the ring for five bucks. The lady placed the ring in a tiny ziplock bag and I ran straight to my car. I felt like a thief. I felt I hunted successfully. I eventually planned an elaborate proposal. And she said yes. If you are a woman, you already know how things turned out.

Ladies Help Your Men Buy the Ring You Want

She loved me for trying. She even loved the ring, but she didn’t love the ring I choose for our engagement. I would have been better off going online to a place like www.77diamonds.com. Or if I wanted to hunt I could have headed to downtown Los Angeles to the Jewelry District, but I didn’t know that at the time.

The moral of the story is let your man know about the right ring for the right occasion.

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