My Review: Chella Eye Cream Anti-Fatigue Formula

When doing bridal makeup, preparing the skin is one of the most important parts of the process. If I don’t use eye cream before concealer, the result is a less smooth application. If I use an eye cream that is too thick and moisturizing, the result is concealer that won’t stay put without a cakey layer of powder on top of it. After trying Chella Eye Cream I am happy to say that it fits all my criteria as a Makeup Artist and then some.

Why Chella Eye Cream is Different

Chella eye cream is different from the rest of the pack because of its consistency and its ingredients. While it is very moisturizing, it isn’t too thick, so makeup won’t be sliding around on top of it. This eye cream also has one of my favorite ingredients—the peptide.

Peptides are great because they plump and firm the skin over time. I suggest that brides use skincare with this super ingredient for a couple of months leading up to their wedding to ensure that their eyes look fabulous on the big day. Another great feature? Chella Eye Cream has a concentrated formula so you only need about half the size of a grain of rice to cover both eyes.

Besides having peptides, Chella Eye Cream instantly and noticeably firms the skin and helps alleviate puffiness. It’s a great eye cream to have in my professional makeup kit and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to look awake for their wedding, or just for everyday.

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