We were blessed to be wed by my friend the famous Dream Coach Marcia Wieder, a wonderful High Priestess who was moving into her Lisbon apartment the very day of our wedding. Our wedding was witnessed by her two small dogs Ciao and Bella.

And at the end–this wasn’t planned–Devin and I danced.

I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am that I didn’t bump into Marcia’s shelf of fragile glass mementos!

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Finally, all those West Coast Swing classes put to good use in our first ever wedding dance!

One last little tidbit. Seeing that this was our 25th wedding, I looked up “the meaning of 25” online, and this is what came up:

The number 25 denotes wisdom with a touch of diplomacy and curiosity. … People with 25 in their numerology charts should use their wisdom, analyzing ability, wit, and unique perception to communicate (and compare) their viewpoints with those of others.

Wisdom, diplomacy, and curiosity.

Could anything be more appropriate and helpful for a happy marriage between two strong-willed partners?!!



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