Sonal J. Shah Gives Advice for Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding

Premier South Asian wedding planner in the U.S. offers comprehensive, illustrated, step-by-step advice for fusing intricate traditional customs with modern style and creating the perfect lavish wedding.

The many Asian Indian and Pakistani and Bangladeshi Americans in the United States who wish to plan luxurious weddings fusing traditional South Asian customs with modern American style need look no further than The Complete Guide to Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding by renowned wedding planner Sonal J. Shah.

The owner of the premier South Asian wedding planning company in the United States, Shah puts her years of experience into one definitive guide, taking prospective brides and grooms through an illustrated, step-by-step process that encompasses every aspect of planning the wedding of their dreams.

Topics covered in The Complete Guide to Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding include:

How to accommodate a South Asian wedding’s unique structure in the U.S.
How to mix South Asian and American cultural traditions in one wedding
Planning a budget for both luxury and smaller-scale weddings
Managing the many socials and ceremonies
Luxurious menu planning guaranteed to dazzle guests
Exotic touches like a white horse or an elephant
The unique way in which gifts are given and received in Indian weddings and helpful suggestions for memorable and meaningful wedding gifts and favors
The book’s twelve chapters cover everything from creating the guest list to securing a venue to writing invitations to observing the traditional mehndi (painting of the bride’s hands and feet) to choosing lighting, flowers, and linens to explaining the sangeet, the garba, and the rites of peace and blessing.

Shah, who is renowned for her lavish and legendary ceremonies, comments, “There aren’t many (if any) wedding planning books dedicated to the South Asian community. The fact is, planning a wedding is difficult enough. Add a little multicultural flavor to it, and you can have a holy matrimonial mess on your hands.”

She adds, “Many people get invited to a wedding of a South Asian couple, or know someone who is marrying into a South Asian family. This book will help to educate them about planning and attending such a wedding.”

The book concludes with an extensive glossary that provides English definitions for Indian words, including rites, prayers, food, ceremonies, and clothing.

“I wish every bride had the opportunity to hire a celebrity event planner like Sonal J. Shah. However, I believe the next best thing is owning her amazing book, The Complete Guide to Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding. I cannot stress how vital her tips on organization even down to the smallest detail are in producing a smooth stunning wedding day…I am so glad that Sonal took the time to put all her years of knowledge into one treasure-filled book.” – Reshma Shetty, Actress

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