Our Serbia Wedding

Wedding 7a: Belglrade-Serbia
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The seventh wedding, our Serbia wedding had an interesting moment.


After days of walking around historic parks, palaces, and neighborhoods of beautiful Belgrade, we had a dual wedding with Devin’s childhood friend, who was marrying his celebrity girlfriend.


Here you have Devin leaning against the door frame, looking all handsome and romantic…


The Vows in Our Serbia Wedding

His vows swept me off my feet. He was talking about how a man wears two masks: the face he shows to the world, and the face he only shares with the love his life.


Totally delicious, profound, beautiful stuff. Poetic.


And while he’s speaking his marriages to me, the Serbian guests are BOOING him!


Yes, that’s right. The wedding guests booed my husband during his wedding vows. I’ve never heard of such a thing.


They didn’t even know us. They were friends of the other couple.


I was shocked and furious. I wanted to hobble down those stairs on my little kitten heels and punch out some drunk Serbs.


But I didn’t. Because our vows and our wedding is for OUR commitment to each other, and what other people do is irrelevant.


We said our vows. We exchanged rings. We kissed.


I tossed the bouquet and it landed on the ground with a thud. None of the unmarried women in the room picked it up. Ah well.


I thought to myself, “Good thing this isn’t my only time getting married!”


Married in Serbia

In the end when our ceremony was over, and a similarly surreal ceremony for Devin’s friend and his celebrity bride was complete, we grabbed our stuff and ran out in the rain to catch a bus back to our hotel.


And as we sat on the bus, with me decked out in my wedding dress and veil, the two of us laughing at that insane wedding experience, I thought of Benjamin and Elaine at the end of “The Graduate.” Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson. Relationship matters more than ceremony.



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