Our Happy Wedding Days!

Hi this is Morgana Rae speaking to you from my honeymoon suite in Venice, Italy, where I am with my beautiful, beloved husband Devin Galaudet. We have been getting married 10 times in 10 countries, and I have to tell you: if I had any idea that our weddings were going to be this spectacular and beautiful and over the top and ornate I would have bought a better dress!

I just thought we’d be getting married in parks, under bridges, in parking lots, and in hotel lobbies — and we have done a bit of that. I was not expecting the beautiful ceremony in Dubrovnik or the getting married by the mayor of Bled., at Bled castle with the registar and a translator and this sleeping beauty fairy tale castle. And then the island in the whole thing…

But it wasn’t perfect

I am so under dressed.  In fact, when I packed I didn’t even pack in high heels. I had to quickly grab a pair heels in Sarajevo because these weddings coming to us unexpectedly, out of the blue, and I needed to up my game. My little black flip flops weren’t gonna do it anymore. I actually bought a little white lacy dress from Ross for thirty dollars two days before we got on the plane and flew out to Eastern Europe.

The whole point of this is that dress and the venue and the shoes and the hairbrush  (I lost a hair brush along the way. I started combing my hair with the comb from my wedding veil) — all of it doesn’t matter.

Just put love first. The person you’re with. The relationship. If you’re like us and love to travel put in the travel and the adventure. Also know that crazy things are going to go wrong.

More Wedding Day Problems

I lost my ATM card in Mostar, Bosnia. Things are going to be different than you expect.

If you travel, you’re gonna be with different money, customs, cultures.

Even if you stay home and have your wedding at home things are going to be different than you expect.

The more you try to control it the more miserable you be. When it comes down to it it’s really about you and the person you love and your commitment to each other.

For a Happy Wedding Day Put Love First

The stronger the love, the stronger the commitment, the stronger the joy, and the more relaxed you are, all the other stuff, the happier your wedding day will be. Give the universe the opportunity to surprise you.




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