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Of the many cool things I am blessed with as a contributing writer for In The Know Bride is discovering places on this earth that I’ve never heard of before and that really want wedding business.

Grand Pubaa of our sister web site, In The Know Traveler, Devin, sent out a note about Nevis Island. One Google Earth search later I learned that it’s in the Caribbean. What if you wanted to get married there? Glad you asked. Here is what the official web site says:

Getting Married in Nevis

Nevis has wonderful venues for marriage ceremonies. From historic churches to romantic plantations, beaches or gardens you can choose to make your dream a reality. Hotels, tour operators and wedding coordinators will help to guide you through the simple formalities which need to be completed.

Marriage Requirements

• Marriage licences are obtained through the Legal Department, Administration Building and cost U.S$80.00 or EC$200.00. This licence fee in only payable in Stamps purchased from the Post Office in Charlestown.

• Application forms must be completed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace. Forms are available from the Legal Department (as above) or at the Magistrates Court in Charlestown. There is a fee is of US$ 20.00 or EC$ 50.00.

• Both parties must have a valid passport or birth certificate with photo identification.

• If applicants have never been married, an affidavit (confirming their single status) is required which can be obtained from a Notary Public in the home country or via a Notary Public here on island at a cost of approx. US$ 20.00 or EC$ 50.00.

• If either party is a widow or widower, they must have a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse.

• If either party is divorced, they must have the Original or a Notarised copy of the Decree Absolute. If not in English a Notarised translation will be required.

• If the marriage is to be conducted by a specific minister or priest, it must take place in the respective church and both parties must have a letter from their home ministers or priests verifying that they are know and unmarried. Additionally if the marriage is to take place in a Roman Catholic Church, the home priest must verify that they have received instruction.

If you have any questions please contact the Nevis Tourism Authority at 869-469-1042 or send an email to:

Wow. You have to get official documentation that you are single! Who would have thunk. Plus, a note from your home clergy. Jumpin’ hoops.

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