My Wedding in Vanuatu

A family argument started it. It wasn’t the best of all beginnings, but as more and more people were being added to the guest list by our parents, we decided to take things into our own hands.

“We will be getting married in Vanuatu.”

Vanuatu was the perfect solution. Vanuatu required travel, meaning only those who truly loved us would come; and it meant travel, meaning my husband and I could keep the theme of travel in our lives.

Not only that, a destination wedding package was cheaper and we had someone else to do everything for us. All we needed to do was to turn up.

In Vanuatu

We had chosen Iririki Island Resort for the big day. The resort is on an island right in the harbor of Port Villa with a little beach just big enough for a small intimate event. After we confirmed the date with the resort ten months prior to the actual date, we received an email from the wedding coordinator Julie with a few questions of whether we wanted a color theme, what sort of bouquet I wanted and the style of reception. Then, it was silence. For two months after the initial email, I heard nothing. My correspondence was not replied to, and I got worried. Not being able to personally see the wedding coordinator made it hard to find out just exactly what was going on.

Just as I was about to panic, I finally received an email apologizing for their lack of communication. As it turned out, Julie had resigned, and Marie was taking over the wedding coordinator role. Being new to the job and having no access to previous records, we had to go through the initial planning stage again. Thankfully, Marie seemed to be on the ball and we eventually decided on a simple wedding with minimal flower decoration; flowers on our heads, the bride is to enter the stage on a canoe; and did I want just the basic wedding cake, or a fancier one?

“Please, just whatever that was in the package.”
It was all sorted.

To be continued… Arriving in Vanuatu and Part 3

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Amy Huang is a writer stuck in the corporate world. A Business Analyst by profession, she work her life around travelling and have managed to squeeze in postgraduate studies in writing somewhere in between. Amy met her husband in 2006 while working on a community development project in Peru, and the travel-holic pair celebrated their love by getting married in Vanuatu in 2010. Amy keep a blog on various travel topics at

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My Wedding in Vanuatu



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