Getting married in Montenegro, the city of Kotor

Our third wedding was in Montenegro. For those not aware, Kotor is a small walled city in the country of Montenegro about two and a half hour bus ride from Dubrovnik, Croatia — and its gorgeous. Not as touristed as Dubrovnik but well-visited by Europeans, not by Americans.

The Rain Wouldn’t Stop Us

While we have finally returned home from a long, whirlwind trip, the memories of the people and places have not dulled for me. However, for the most part, the weather was crap. The rain that beat Morgana and I (and everyone else in Croatia) followed us to Montenegro.

Fortunately, the rain never was never as explosive as it was in Dubrovnik, at at no time did I say, “Great, more rain!”. Still the views to Kotor were extraordinary in the Mediterranean’s only fjord as we got patchy clouds and the rain fell only in spurts.

Our arrival in Kotor left us dragging our bags from the bus station to the walled city. And it was raining once again. We stayed at Hotel Cattaro which actually in the wall and had great views of the old town within the main gate.

Finding our Officiant

It took only a few minutes at Hotel Cattaro to pick the woman who would eventually marry us in Montenegro. Her name was Natalie and she worked at the hotel. She is smart, funny and loved the idea when we asked her. She loved it so much she giggled with enthusiasm. We planned to get married in Montenegro the following morning. We spent the rest of the day exploring Kotor.

The following morning, we met Natasha in the lobby next to a ridiculous suit of armor, which somehow felt fitting to a Robin Hood-esque place like Kotor. Natasha giggled her way through the whole ceremony. The house cleaning department acted as our witnesses. The video showing how we got married in Montenegro is coming soon.



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