The Dubrovnik Wedding

Our Third Wedding

Dubrovnik’s weather did little to make us feel welcome as the skies opened up and poured rain in buckets and our Thursday afternoon wedding in Dubrovnik was postponed until the following Sunday morning. Sunday morning was a windy, and when I walked outside there were enough gray clouds to worry me a little. Also, the traditional Croatian wedding dress that Morgana thought would show up at the hotel didn’t.

Fortunately, within the hour, the skies cleared. The day emerged beyond fantastic and an authentic Croatian gown was waiting for her at Park Orsula — one of the premiere wedding venues in Dubrovnik. The view from the hill where we exchanged vows bordered on mystical. The air was crystal clear and the vision of the old town castle and city walls (Morgana wants you to know that Game of Thrones is filmed in old town Dubrovnik) were a historically dramatic vision for a Dubrovnik wedding. It was absolutely worth the wait.

Destination Wedding Dubrovnik

Once the ceremony started, so did the butterflies. I know. It sounds corny — and it is. I suppose this is due the magnitude of everything. Park Orsula is incredible, we had a wedding coordinator (something that never occurred to us on the first couple of go-rounds), we spent most of our first day in Dubrovnik with our officiant, Maja, getting to know her better and we had a traditional dress for Morgana. Everything was easy. All we had to do was show up — I love that!

Well some wedding poses are okay, I guess.
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Well some wedding poses are okay, I guess.

The best news of all, we found a great crew of talented photographers to document the whole thing. Morgana and my first two weddings were only scantly attended and we only have a couple of photos to commemorate both events. This time we worked it out. The guys we had were pros and have some great images and video to help jog my memory, not only for the ceremony but for the little traditional posing as well. For the record, I am not a fan of photos afterward but sometime you have to suck it up for the ones you love.

More Weddings Around the World to Come

Since this is only the first of up to ten weddings on this Adriatic swing, Dubrovnik was a good place to start. Today we arrived in Montenegro and we expect a little more DIY-style in Kotor than our Dubrovnik wedding. Stay with us as we keep getting married.

For more about getting married in Croatia. There are some rules so if you want to make it legal follow the directions.

As soon as I get the contact information for our wedding coordinator and wedding photographers I will add them to our resources section and add a link here.



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