Today we woke up super early to catch a local train from Portrijk, Belgium to the Lille Flandres train station, stopped at the mall next door to shop at the supermarket for a day of train traveling to the south of France. (I could happily live the rest of my life on nothing but baguettes and brie.)

Then we crossed by foot to the Lille Europe train station next door to catch a first class, high speed train with Wifi on board, where I shot today’s video, on our way to Lyon, France.

After Lyon, we’re taking a local train to Arles. If I were to move to France, I’d probably end up here or nearby for the weather, the culture, the colors, the easy access to everything and everywhere I’d want to go.

And I am missing my phone! (snatched by pickpockets in Paris) so much right now! I can only take photos with my laptop. If I see a cheap refurbished iphone in a shop ($200 or less), I’ll grab it.

PS We arrived in Arles. Our apartment is lovely. Our airbnb hosts are marvelous. Patrick gave us a walking tour of the city (after bicycling to the bus station to help us find his place), and then he and his wife Mairie invited us into their home for wine and conversation.

Our hosts say our home was built when Arle’s Roman Arena was built, circa 90 AD. Wow. I love history. Devin took photos. We’ll post those soon.



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