Praise be to traveling first class! Our train from Seville was like flying first class–the big seats, the complimentary choice of newspapers, the warm towel, the gourmet breakfast… but even better because we got to watch the Spanish countryside out our window!

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Now we’re in Madrid and I cannot believe our good fortune in airbnb. (Airbnb is really hit or miss. This one is a HIT.)

The penthouse apartment we’re staying in is amazing. Totally minimalist and spotless. 3 levels. A ROOF TOP JACUZZI. Everything is white and grey with mid-century modern furniture. No art or knick knacks anywhere. (Which is so weird to me!) Just plants. All the appliances are super fancy high end. I washed my laundry last night in the most amazing space age set of machines I’ve ever seen. Even our mattress is blowing my mind. Our host provided little hotel shampoos and dental kits as if we were staying in a high end hotel, but better: we have a kitchen that would make you swoon.

And in the evening we heard someone break out in Opera on the street.

I love Spain!

Tomorrow we get married.



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