Antigua Marriage License

I saw a online post about top 5 Caribbean destinations. Number one is Antigua. Take a look at this:
Wow! Looks a little breezy. Unity candles and veils could be problematic.
But incredibly beautiful, yes?

What are the requirements for getting married in Antigua and Barbuda, or getting an

Antigua Marriage License


Here’s the thing:
There’s a Antigua marriage license fee AND a registration fee. Heads up!

Regulations governing marriage by special license in Antigua and Barbuda, or Antigua Marriage License are as follows:

1) Proof of identity: A valid passport OR birth certificate and a photograph

2) Proof of status: Single: a declaration signed in Antigua and Barbuda
Divorced: the original decree absolute stamped with the seal of the court where it was issued.
Widow(er): marriage certificate and death certificate of husband or wife.
Name change: Deed Poll under which change has been done.

3) Application: This is to be obtained from, and completed and signed at, the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs in St John’s. Both parties must be present at the time of application.

4) Age Limit: All applicants should be 18 years or over. If under 18 parental consent, in writing, is required.

5) Residency: There is no set period of residency required before the ceremony can be performed. Arrangements can begin immediately after arrival in Antigua and Barbuda.

6) Fees: Special Antigua Marriage License: one hundred and fifty United States dollars ($150.000) or four hundred and five Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC$ 405.00) to be paid on application.

Registration Fee: forty United States dollars (US$ 40.00) or one hundred and eight Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC$ 108.00).
Marriage Officer: dependent on location and ceremony.

Ceremony: The wedding ceremony may be performed by the Registrar or the Deputy Registrar in the Registrar’s office, or by a Civil Marriage Officer at an appointed place and time, between the hours of 6.00am and 8.00pm

Marriage Ceremonies
Legal formalities as with civil ceremonies apply to religious marriage ceremonies. Arrangements should be made with the appropriate Church official well in advance of the arrival in Antigua and Barbuda and all the documents necessary for performance of the ceremony be provided.

Where can I apply for a marriage or birth certificate?

Applications can be made at The Registrar’s Office, High Street, St John’s Antigua.

Antigua Marriage License



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