Wind and Sun on the Wedding Day

To piggyback on the last post regarding weather at your destination ceremony location, let’s chat about wind and the sun.

Every seen one of those really cool bride photos where her long veil is blown straight behind her? Sort of like the “Gotta Dance” scene from “Singing in the Rain” where Gene Kelly dances with Cyd Charisse and that long, long scarf trails behind her?

Conditions have to be ideal for that to happen. I’ve only participated in one ceremony over twenty years as an officiant where the wind and the position of the bride were perfect and the veil did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Preparing for the Wind and Sun

Most of the time the wind is a hindrance. It might be blowing in the wrong direction or, worse, swirl: right, left, up, down. Then the veil becomes a big distraction for the bride and everyone watching the ceremony.

I like to prepare the bridesmaids to handle the runaway veil. The MOH passes her flowers to the girl standing next to her then reaches out and controls the veil. Much better to have pictures with the veil lightly held by the MOH than ones with the bride battling it.

As for the sun, please don’t place the bride so that the sun is directly in her eyes when she tries to look at the groom. You can have her switch places with the groom or have the bride stand in shade provided by the structure in place for the ceremony (chuppa, gazebo, rotunda, flower arch, etc.)

All the groom wants is a blissfully happy bride.

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Thank you for reading! Now you’re In the Know about how to prepare for the wind and sun on your wedding day!



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