What does it all mean?

Saw a video posted with the name “Destination Wedding, Big Canoe Georgia”. Big Canoe is between Atlanta and the northern border of Georgia. Looked like a beautiful location.

If you live in Atlanta, is Big Canoe a destination? Yup. Anyone who has to travel a bit to get there would agree.

Destination Weddings has a connotation of going out of the country. Not necessarily so.

Do you gotta travel to get there? Even if it’s a couple of hours in the car, it qualifies as destination.

I’m in Southern California. People come from all over the world to get married here. Tons of beautiful locations. We are blessed to be within two hours driving distance of almost any type of environment you might want: beach, mountains, rivers, desert, parks, gardens, urban landmarks.

Bottom Line

Sometimes the logistics get lost in the shuffle. Thinking of your wedding as a destination event will help you take into consideration what your guests will go through to attend your nuptials.

Happy guests = Happy bride.

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Thanks so much for reading! Now you’re In the Know about what really makes a destination wedding.



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