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Very impressed with the posting from Jason Diehl in response to the question:
“What should I ask a hotel wedding venue?”

Jason Diehl, I run a wedding design company with m…
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“Be sure to ask about attrition, guarantees, comp rooms, upgrades, parking, cutoff dates, how reservations can be made, how that weekend looks and cancellation. Let me explain…

Attrition is a guarantee you provide. Meaning of you book 10 rooms a night for 2 nights that is 20 total room nights. Hotels sometimes require an attrition clause. This means no matter what your group needs to fill a certain amount of room nights sometimes 80%. This has nothing to do with the cutoff literally you are responsible for the room nights that are not used. In the case of 80% you would be required to fill 16 room nights. This is something you want to be sure to see if a hotel requires.

Guarantees have to do with food. Ask about guarantees meaning if you book are you signing to guarantee a certain number of meals.

Many hotels offer a 1 per something comp. It might be 1 per 50 or 1 per 20. This again is room nights and not rooms, meaning one person in one room staying for two nights is two room nights.

Upgrades… Do they offer any for the bride and groom like a suite or a better view at the same rate as a standard room.

Parking overnight guests and dinner guests where or how much does it cost to park.

Cutoff date… This is when your rate and rooms drop out and are no longer available. Does this happen six weeks before? A month before? Two weeks?

How do guests make reservations. Some hotels allow guests to reserve in the block of rooms online some require phone calls. This may make a difference to your guests.

How the weekend looks is important. Do they have a kids dance group in? Is there a big convention? Basically who else is in town. This matters for a couple of reasons. One this is who you are spending the weekend with… Kids can be rowdy and conference attendees can be annoying. This also shows how busy they are and how much trouble booking rooms after the cutoff date will be. Also it gives you an idea of what the rate will be. Busy=high and slow=lower.

There is also cancellation policies. Not saying you are calling it off, but what about health or sickness. Just good to know.

Now all of these things are negotiable, but this is just a few things hotels will throw at you. Hope it helps…. And congratulations!!!!!”

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