A couple from England had their wedding ceremony on top of a mountain in West Virginia, America. I’m guessing they like to climb mountains. He proposed to her back in March on this same mountain.

The story was reported around the world. I found a Pakistan link.

Anytime a couple does exactly what they want to do, be who they are both individually and as a couple, I think it’s a great start to their married life. Others might get frustrated about one thing or another. So goes life.

The couple had a brother get ordained online. That’s cool IF West Virginia accepts that type of clergy. Apparently it does but best not to assume. Do your homework.

Here’s the thing: The couple will need certified copies of the marriage license. They’ll need to prove to someone back home in England that they are legally married. Wherever you buy your marriage license, always ask about getting certified copies. Trust me, you’ll need them.

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