California Law

The United States Supreme Court made a decision that allows same sex marriage in California. An inevitable but controversial event.

In 2008 there was a five month window that allowed same sex marriages. The wedding business boomed. Some big, elaborate weddings. Many small, intimate, we’ve-waited-forever, never-thought-this-day-would-come ceremonies. I was blessed to officiate both ends of the spectrum and many in between.

Emotions at a wedding typically run high but for these couples it was deeper than that. From my perspective (and I have the best seat in the house) it was very moving.

Then, on the November ballot in 2008, the infamous Prop 8 passed. Only a man and a woman could get legally married to each other.

There are four types of weddings.

1. Wedding of your Heart
2. Social Wedding
3. Legal Wedding
4. Traditional/Religious/Custom Wedding

Imagine finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You can have three of the weddings above but not the legal one. You aren’t allowed the rights and privileges given spouses. As my seven year old son would say, “That’s not fair!”

Now, in California, it’s fair. Thank Goodness.

Marriage License Requirements

Also, in California it’s very easy to buy a marriage license. Show photo ID, pay your money, sign the license. That’s it. No waiting period. No blood test. No special documentation. I tell people getting married in California is simple. It’s the wedding that gets complicated.

In the few days since the SCOTUS ruling the county clerk/registrar recorder offices have been flooded with same sex couples wanting to enter into the legal and financial partnership called the State of Matrimony.

Sending them good thoughts and prayers for a happy future.

All Blessings,


Thank you for reading! Now you’re In the Know about how marriage equality has had an impact in California.



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