If you are planning a destination wedding to Honduras, I always recommend you get legally married near your home first.  Trust me, it will be much easier to get copies of your marriage license.


If you really, really, really want a marriage license from Honduras, here are the main requirements:

  1.   Copies of Birth Certificates of both people
  2.   Copies of current Passports
  3.   Statement of Marital Status signed by a Notary
  4.   Copy of Court Settlement, if divorced
  5.   Authorization of parents, if under (21) years of age
  6.   Copy of HIV Test, completed within (6) months prior to marriage date
  7.   Names of (2) Witnesses, Foreign or Honduran
  8.   If Foreign, Copy of Passports and Profession of each witness is needed
  9.   If Honduran, Copy of ID Card and Profession of each witness is needed
  10.   Marriage License Fee costs 150 Lempiras if marriage is performed at local Municipal Office, additional costs apply for marrying at additional locations.


For more information visit www.caribbeantravelweb.com.



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