Every now and then we come across the outliers. Those who think different. Buck the system. Defy the conventional. Color outside the lines. Do not normal stuff.

Saw this article about a couple traveling the world in search of the perfect wedding ceremony location. 30 ceremonies, each in a different country. So cool.

The legal ceremony will be the last one. I hope they do their homework. Some countries make you jump through hoops to get a marriage license, especially if you aren’t a citizen of said country.

Alex and Lisa sold a business and a home to finance their journey.

My favorite part of the saga is they want to experience the wedding customs and traditions of each location. Hundreds of years of tried and true rituals to intensify the connection between a bride and groom. Amazing.

You can follow their journey through their blog: 2people1life

Here’s the kicker: They’re now also running a competition with Zankyou and UNICEF to fly two people to their final destination wedding. http://2people1life.zankyou.com/us

I’m sending Lisa and Alex good thoughts and prayers for a fulfilled married life.

All Blessings,




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