I have a couple that got legally married last spring in Bora Bora but will have their “stateside” or “social” or “American” or “friends & family” wedding soon. They needed to get legally married on a specific day because one of the families is into numerology.

An officiant can’t legally pronounce the couple “Mr. & Mrs.” or “husband & wife” or “married” without a marriage license. Either one that we sign that day or a certified copy stating the couple is already legally married. Otherwise the officiant could be liable for fraud.

So, this bride and groom sent me scans of the marriage documents issued to them from the Bora Bora government. A bunch of documents.

Bora Bora is a French Polynesian territory so everything on the documents is in French.

I might have gotten confused with the translation but the bride told me one of the documents makes sure the couple have never been married before. That is huge. Falls into the Need-to-Know category. If you are planning a destination wedding to Bora Bora, and this will be your second or third marriage, best call ahead. “Oops” rarely turns out well.

Plan ahead and do your homework.

All Blessings,




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