Choosing the Best Words

My favorite wedding ceremonies I’ve officiated are the ones with only three participants: the couple and me. Usually a destination wedding for the couple traveling to Southern California.

Because there is no one else there, the couple experiences a much more intense level of intimacy. They aren’t concerned or distracted by guests. They focus completely on each other.

The Importance of Wedding Vows

The result is every word of the ceremony carries weight. Every moment is specific. Every look, glance, touch and breath can deepen the significance of this transitional moment. These are the best wedding vows. They will not be the same once the ceremony is concluded, neither as couple or individual.

Understanding the potential power available, here is my advice:

Say what you want to say, hear what you want to hear.

Take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly from your heart.

Life Changing Moments

Life brings a few life changing moments. Most of them you don’t see coming. You are going along with your routines then BAM! something happens and your life is very different. Consider 9/11.

A wedding ceremony gives you a life changing moment that you see coming. You can anticipate and prepare. Wise to not take it lightly. Be bold! Open your heart to your beloved. Lay bare your emotions and intentions.

If you feel like crying, do it. Your tears are a gift. They show that this moment is touching something deep within you. Let the waterworks flow.

Finding the Best Wedding Vows

You can begin searching for the right words for your nuptials at A huge collection of ceremony components to help you find your voice. The Choices contain the obvious sections: I do, Vows, Rings. But mixed in between are tons of poetry, readings and scripture. Rituals like wine, flowers, candles and sand. Moments for parents and/or children. Renewal of Vows.

Sometime you’ll come across a passage that might inspire you to write something of your own.

Most importantly, your wedding ceremony will reveal itself to you. It’s an incredible process that will spur fascinating conversations between the two of you that might not otherwise happen if not for planning your wedding.

If you’re going to take the time, effort and money to experience a destination wedding, please invest in yourselves with the words you say and hear. Hopefully, you will experience incredible memories of your wedding day.

All Blessings,




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