This story was picked up by the entire internet. Well, probably not the entire net but it seemed like it. Everyone in the church heard the ring hit the ground. 20 people on hands and knees searching, in the middle of the ceremony. Wedding blissful momentum brought to a screeching halt.

The mother of the bride offered her ring to continue the ceremony. Ring found later and brought triumphantly into the reception. Alls well that ends well, right?

Here’s the thing: The person who suffers the most isn’t the bride. It’s the doofus that dropped the ring. He will hear about it forever. And ever.

All could have been avoided if a wedding professional (officiant, coordinator, etc.) simply checked on the rings just before the processional.

I tell every best man to do what makes him feel secure and comfortable. Some guys put the rings on their own fingers. I like this idea. The have physical contact with the rings. They know exactly where they are all the way up to the time they are asked to present the rings.

Now, imagine if this had happened to a child ring bearer. Twenty years of therapy. Not good. Use fake rings on the ring pillow. Keep the real ones a safe as possible until they go on the bride and groom’s fingers.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

All Blessings,




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