Who Wants to get Married?

Now that same sex legal marriages are allowed in California, I’m reminded of comments from comedians. Why would gays want to suffer like the rest of us?

Hopeless Romantic

I am very lucky. I love my wife. Waited a very long time to get married because I knew how important it would be. When I graduated from high school adults asked me, “Now you’re going into the real world. What do you want to be?”. My response: “Married”.

My vision of marriage was about brilliant companionship. I’m a dopey romantic. But because marriage was so important, I was smart enough to wait until I was ready.

My favorite wise saying: Knowledge is when you learn from you own mistakes. Wisdom is when you learn from other people’s mistakes.

I didn’t even meet my wife until I was 44 yrs. old. On an airplane. And, boy, was I ready. To this day, I look at my wedding ring then look at my wife and I’m amazed she married me.

I also went into marriage with my eyes wide open. I had witnessed or read too many sad stories about marriage gone wrong to believe my marriage wouldn’t contain serous challenges. The key is communication and the will to push through obstacles logically and with compassion.

Same sex couples are no different. Human is human. The difference for many is that they have already been living together for many years. They have had to figure stuff out as a couple. They have persevered though incredible struggles both personal and social.

Now they also have legal rights that were denied before the historical decision by the Supreme Court. Those rights also come with the financial requirements and responsibilities of being legally married.

A marriage license is a business contract. Two people agree to form a partnership called State of Matrimony. The rules differ according to the state that issued the marriage license/business contract.

Do your homework.

All Blessings,


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