Clint on the Wedding Ceremony

Clint Hufft has performed a wedding ceremony for hundreds of couples from almost every religious, cultural, ethnic and social background imaginable. Each bride and groom is “hands on” in the creation of their ceremony. They choose or write the text, music and elements with Clint’s guidance.

Clint and the Wedding Ceremony

Clint Hufft, officiant for

“Trista and Ryan’s Wedding Ceremony”

on ABC-TV, was ordained as a non-denominational Minister in 1995. In truth, non-denominational means all-denominations. Then everything connected to the wedding ceremony is closely scrutinized including family, heritage, traditions, location, vendors, weather, wedding party, children, musicians/dj, lighting, sound, seating arrangement and timing. Clint’s only goal is to help the couple experience the Perfect Wedding Ceremony created exclusively for them.

Clint Hufft chose Wedding Minister as a profession because it was a perfect fit. He is an incurable romantic who is extremely honored to be a part of such an incredible event for the bride and groom. Clint’s own spiritual path includes a great hunger for religious and theological knowledge. The Divine speaks to each of us differently. A Wedding Ceremony should respect the individuals involved by allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that is comfortable to them.

The Wedding Ceremony

A Wedding Ceremony is also a social and “theatrical” event. Clint has many years of experience in Theater, Television and Film that help him understand the intricacies of a wedding production. A Wedding Professional must listen to the dreams and needs of the bride and groom then help to remove anything that might obstruct the realization of their Perfect Wedding Day.

Clint believes his job as wedding ceremony officiant is the best job in the world and let him help you make your day the best it can be by checking out Clint’s Blog.

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