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Welcome to In The Know Bride and the wonderful world of destination weddings, which is one of the six In The Know Traveler family of travel sites. I know that this sounds a little corporates, but it is not. We are not a corporation, but love, love, love travel in all of its forms.

Bride’s Checklist

Getting Married? Congratualtions! Mozel Tov! And all the words for good luck that I cannot think of right now. Sure it’s a major step, so being prepared is an important part of a wonderful life changing decision. Here are just a few of Reverend Clint’s pearls of wisdom before you make that leap.

Clint on the Wedding Ceremony

Clint Hufft has performed a wedding ceremony for hundreds of couples from almost every religious, cultural, ethnic and social background imaginable. Each bride and groom is “hands on” in the creation of their ceremony. They choose or write the text,

The ITKB Mission

As a lover of travel with a true appreciation for culture all over the globe, the desire to launch In The Know Bride was a simple one. For those interested in making one of the most important days in your life happen someplace other than your own backyard, we are here to help.

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